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Defeating the “Design Mode” annoyance

Written on 01:26 PM at 01:26 PM, by

In Eplan P8 we have what is called the “Design Mode”. It is useful to&nbsp[…]

Eplan P8 script to show extended property information

Written on 09:55 PM at 09:55 PM, by

“When doing script or API development in Eplan P8, it is important to determine the&nbsp[…]

Script to open the current project’s folder

Written on 05:10 PM at 05:10 PM, by

I keep needing to open the folder containing the Eplan Project I’m currently working on,&nbsp[…]

Eplan P8 multi-level terminals sorting made easy

Written on 03:47 PM at 03:47 PM, by

Although Eplan P8 handles multi-level terminals pretty well, one still has to manually sort the&nbsp[…]