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How to parse C/C++ declarations

Written on 10:21 PM at 10:21 PM, by

This was somewhere lying around in one my old HDD backups, and I always wanted&nbsp[…]

VS.NET 2010’s debugger doesn’t play nice with “add-ins”

Written on 10:46 AM at 10:46 AM, by

If you’re developping .NET add-ins for 3rd party software, and want to move on to&nbsp[…]

CSLA.NET 3.8 video series

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I just purchased the CSLA.NET 3.8 video series, and I’m getting the popcorn ready for&nbsp[…]

WPF or Sliverlight ?

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Having just completed a large-ish Windows Forms project, I feel like tackling something different, but&nbsp[…]