Today I was on site at my customer’s place, and I was having problems when trying to place a certain part on a 2D panel layout page. No matter what settings I was using before placing the part, Eplan would always ask me for the parts dimensions. I double checked all the parts data in Parts Management, and everything was there: dimensions and also the graphical macro to use for 2D layouts. Funny as hell.

After some investigating, I found that the source of the problem was that the part in question had been assigned as an accessory part (an auxiliary contact block) to my main part (a contactor). In itself this should not be causing a problem, but then I noticed that in the parts management dialog, when looking at the accessory list for the contactor part, the “Variant” field was empty beside the auxiliary part number.

After filling in the missing field, things started to work as expected again. Maybe someone deleted the variant field, or maybe the data was messed up some other way we don’t know.

Have a look at this video for a demo of the issue.