For 5 years now I’ve been offering services in the field of industrial automation. Services such as design, commissioning, troubleshooting and programming have been my bread and butter.

All along I was seeing some small machining and welding jobs that I’ve had to let go for lack of proper tools. Reparing a small broken shaft, welding a new bracket on a machine, making slots in a bracket etc.

I finally decided to byte the bullet, and I bought the following equipment:

  • A lathe:

  • A mill:

  • A TIG/Stick welding machine:

  • A bandsaw:

All these new tools are relatively small, but they will allow me to offer more services to my customers instead of having to sub-contract them.

I’m currently taking a refresher training in stick/TIG welding, and in february I’ll be taking the machining classes.

Last summer I also widened my design services offering by purchasing Autodesk Inventor so that I could design small custom metal parts. Now I’ll also be able to make them myself!

With Eplan P8 version 2.0 and Inventor 2011, plus all the new equipment, I have reached a level of horizontal integration that will eventually allow me to take small custom machines contracts and drive them from A to Z.